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Only pay for what you need. BoxCamp is located right in the dorms and works with University Housing to coordinate delivery dates. We offer drop-off and pickup from the dorms and apartment service. Summer school? Sorority rush? No problem. Each item you store is also covered by complimentary $100 insurance, so if anything happens, we'll take care of it.

Order Process

Safety meets convenience

BoxCamp partnered with an international warehousing company to ensure your belongings are safely transported and stored in a climate-controlled environment. Our student teams work closely with our partner to ensure seamless pickup and delivery of all items. We also created a custom inventory system to track your belongings throughout the entire process.

  • Secured facility
  • Free boxes
  • Free insurance
  • Located on campus

Minimizing stress for students and parents alike

We help students focus on final exams and summer plans while saving parents unwanted headaches. Save yourself the troubles of driving belongings home, paying for extra baggage, or even airfare expenses. BoxCamp is the clear choice for cost and convenience. Save time, money, and unneeded clutter. Take home what you need, and send the rest to BoxCamp.

Many options, one low price

While we love boxes, we can store all your stuff! We take suitcases, mini fridges, plastic dressers, underbed storage, mattress toppers, and even your TV (but please put it in a box). If you have an item we didn't list, chances are, we'll store it! Contact us for item inquiries. Discounts are available for large storage orders.

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What our clients say


“Everyone was really receptive to my needs, even though I lived in a sorority and had weird move in dates! I appreciated the help and the quick responses to emails and inquiries.”

Natalie B, 2016


“A great, straight-forward service run by fellow college students – who therefore know exactly what you need, when you need it, and how much you're willing to pay. Thanks for keeping my stuff safe and saving me money, BoxCamp!”

Gabrielle S, 2015


“BoxCamp has efficient employees and reliable services. It is super simple to use. I knew my stuff was in the best care possible!”

Adlai N, 2016


“BoxCamp let me store my belongings for a very low price and helped keep me updated on my boxes throughout the process of storing and receiving them.”

Eduoardo H, 2015