BoxCamp Storage Company was created in a dorm room with a dream to make summer storage more affordable and convenient, and to simplify the move-out/move-in process. As our company grows, so do our student roles. On the outside, BoxCamp is a company created by students, for students. On the inside, we are all about fostering the personal and professional growth and development of our team. BoxCamp is all about open communication and the goal is for our team to learn and grow together. All positions are PAID. We want awesome people to join our team, and awesomeness shouldn’t be free! This year, we are looking for a Campus Manager and a Customer Service Specialist!

Campus Manager

We are searching for the right person who has extensive experience with managing people, staying organized, creating events that draw a crowd, and thinking outside the box to help our brand stand out online, on campus, and around Westwood. We are on the search for someone who understands the simplicity of the BoxCamp brand, and can work with our team to ensure brand consistency on campus and in the Westwood neighborhood. This position is ideal for a self-starter and is very flexible.

The right candidate will research our brand and get a feel for what we’re after!
The ideal fit: You are looking for more than just a job - a place on a team that is small but efficient. You have extensive experience and a special love for both design and creating intuitive marketing content. Ideally, you enjoy making memes and creating graphics in your friend groups and clubs, and are socially conscious to anything and everything trending. You are a self-starter and are capable of making and carrying-out a full marketing plan for BoxCamp, focused on social media and guerilla marketing. You are a risk taker, have phenomenal attention to detail and take great pride in your work.

Marketing Position Job Specifications

  • Work alongside the CEO to create full and complete marketing plan for BoxCamp encompassing all key areas of weekly marketing tasks and schedule of events/launch.
  • Responsible for hiring and management for all marketing initiatives including:
    • Targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads
    • Manage flyering both on campus and in Westwood
    • Posters
    • Manage guerilla marketing including chalkboarding/banners, email outreach, etc.
    • Facebook posts on student pages
    • Snapchat filters
  • Plan out marketing campaigns and promotions for the business
  • Brainstorm and present new ideas to push business forward
  • Choose and help create content for BoxCamp Facebook Page and Twitter
  • Create emails to promote BoxCamp to past customers
  • Help with hiring and activation of flagship tables in Sproul and Rieber
  • Promote BoxCamp brand by ordering and hiring giveaways of SWAG
  • Create promotional giveaways and on campus events to gain traction

Fill out our application here!

After you apply, we will be in contact with a quick sample task! We’d love to see how you work and check out your creativity. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Customer Service Specialist

We are on the search for a Customer Service Specialist! Being part of the BoxCamp team and communicating with customers is much more than just answering emails and taking care of business. We are searching for someone who can provide a high level of care and service for our customers to ensure they feel like their expectations are exceeded. This role is for a self-starter with a knack for talking to people. We are searching for someone who can serve an important role on the team as our company quickly grows and expands this year!

The ideal fit: As our customer service specialist, you’ll be in the hot seat! As the summer approaches, your role will grow as more and more people inquire about BoxCamp. You are not afraid to ask questions and participate in intimate business conversations and decision making within the BoxCamp team. Developing relationships with customers and answering questions energizes you! You are someone who feeds off the energy of other people. Your responses are concise, genuine, and entice people to order! The right person filling this role has the flexibility to work between 5 and 15 hours per week between March and June and will also help on key dates throughout the summer.

Customer Service Position Job Specifications

  • Manage email and turn leads into sales
  • Maintain database and update all information
  • Handle all customer calls and inquiries
  • Manage BoxCamp Facebook messenger
  • Act on behalf of the company at any events
  • Be present throughout operations season
  • Work in conjunction with Operations Manager on projects
  • Help promote all sales promotions to customers

Fill out our application here! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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