What If I can’t drop off/pick up my belongings?

You may authorize a friend or roommate to handle your belongings for you. We do not typically drop off or pickup without anyone there. Contact us if you need to make special arrangements.

Can I change my delivery date?

Yes and no…

If you are returning EARLIER than your expected return date, No. Unfortunately, we cannot move-forward your move-in date originally selected on your order form due to the organization of our storage warehouse. If you are returning LATER than expected, Yes. You may change your move-in date up to a week before your originally scheduled move-in date.

*If you change your move-in date later than a week before your previous delivery was scheduled, a $30 holding fee will be assessed every day you are late.*

What if I’m unsure when I’m returning next year?

If you are unsure when you’ll be returning, we urge you to pick an earlier date rather than a later one to retrieve your belongings.

What is the weight limit on items?

The general rule at BoxCamp is ‘if you can’t lift it, we can’t lift it’ so please try to keep your items under 40 lb. or 18 kg. For more information, please visit our packing tips.

What if I’m unsure of my address next year?

No worries, just contact us when you know and we’ll update your order!

When will I receive my packing materials?

You can pickup your packing materials from our convenient locations on campus a week before you leave! To see our campus locations, navigate to your campus page.

What if my items are damaged/lost?

It is highly unlikely that your items will be lost or damaged. In the result of a lost or damaged item, BoxCamp guarantees insurance up to $100 per item that you store. We will send you a claims form and if you are filing a damage claim, have a BoxCamp team member assess the situation so you are fairly compensated.

Can I store items other than those listed on the website?

Due to our efforts to be the cheapest, most convenient storage service offered anywhere, we do not take most larger items like furniture, mattresses, or desks as they are costlier to store and move. For personal inquiries or bigger jobs, we urge you to contact us for a quote.

Can I access my belongings during the summer?

Yes, it is an extra fee, and we require 48 hour notice in order to deliver your belongings back to you. Once your items are returned, we cannot re-store them in the same term. Our storage is organized to condense space so we save you money.

Do you offer deliveries throughout the summer?

This depends on when you are returning. Please contact us for more information.

If I live off campus, can I still use BoxCamp?

Yes! We have two options:

1. You may still pick up and drop off your belongings at our locations on campus for free!
2. You can pay a flat rate pick up/delivery fee on the order form which can cover apartment services for pickup both pickup and dropoff.

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